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The meltblown fabric industry has undergone major changes, water electret is the mainstream of future development


Water electret technology originated from 3M in the United States. The difference from traditional meltblown electret technology is the traditional meltblown fabric uses corona electrets, the surface electrets are more obvious, but the filtration efficiency does not reach the peak value and storage will decrease over time, and the static electricity on the surface of the material attenuates significantly. The water electret melt-blown fabric is a high-pressure water pump to deliver the prepared pure water to the spunlace device at high pressure, and the fan-shaped nozzle sprays the melt-blown fabric, and the two rubbing to generate static electricity. The performance of the water electret meltblown fabric is saturated with static electricity, and the water electret charging method can detect oil and salt properties, which can effectively solve the problem of improving the efficiency of meltblown fabric electric electret filtration in the mask industry and decreasing after storage.


Water electret process steps

1. Meltblown fabric generation: select electret high-fluidity polypropylene and add a small amount of water electret masterbatch.

2. Pure water preparation: select tap water as the water source, filter the water source with sand and gravel tank and filter with activated carbon, add reverse osmosis agent and hydrochloric acid to the filtered water source, carry out the secondary filtration of reverse osmosis membrane on the water source, and automatically detect the filtered water Add alkaline industrial reagents to the water source to complete the preparation of pure water.

3. Water electret process: The prepared pure water is delivered to the fan nozzle through the high-pressure water pump, and the fan nozzle sprays the melt blown fabric into a spunlace. The water and the melt blown fiber friction generate electric charge to complete the spunlace electret.

4. Drying process: The meltblown fabric after spunlace electret is sent into the drying box through the conveyor net, dried by hot air, and then cut and wound.


Advantages of water electret technology


1. The performance of the meltblown fabric after the water electrostatic electret through this equipment is saturated with static electricity. This charging method can detect oil and salt properties, which can effectively solve the problem of improving the filtration efficiency of meltblown fabric electric electret in the mask industry and filter efficiency reducing after storage.


2. The equipment has a high degree of automation and does not require high levels of operators.

 3. The filtration efficiency of meltblown fabric electret is above 99%+, static electricity does not attenuate (up to 2 years), low resistance (about 3-40% resistance reduction), with reducing air resistancethe filtration efficiency also can be improved.


At present, our company has 95+,99+KF94, FFP2,FFP3 five types meltblwofabrics. The specific data is as follows: